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Project Description
Visual Studio extension for integrating MetaEdit+ and Visual Studio. This extension allows you to browse MetaEdit+ models and use the main MetaEdit+ functions f
The integration between MetaEdit+ models and Visual Studio includes:
  • One-click access to your MetaEdit+ repository from Visual Studio
  • Live tree view in Visual Studio of all your MetaEdit+ models
  • Double-click to open and edit MetaEdit+ models from Visual Studio
  • Autobuild: generate code from MetaEdit+ models, import into a Visual Studio solution, build and run
  • Trace and debug on both the code and model levels simultaneously
Watch a video (5min) demonstrating the use of the MetaEdit+ extension for Visual Studio.

See installation instructions, getting started and the plugin guide for details. See the plugin guide for developers and the source code for extending the plugin further.

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